A selection of original documents and studies

On this page, we are gradually publishing some of the lesser-known documents and papers from the early years of the Bologna Process which might be interesting for contemporary researchers, policy makers and other interested parties. For the main documents see the Publication and relevant Information section at the main NEAR EU project website.

1998.05.01 Sorbonne Joint Declaration. Joint declaration on harmonisation of the architecture of the European higher education system by the four Ministers in charge for France, Germany, Italy and the United Kingdom. Paris, the Sorbonne, May 25 1998

1998.05.01 Harmoniser l’architecture du système européen d’enseignement supérieur. A l’occasion du 800ème anniversaire de l’Université de Paris, déclaration conjointe des quatre ministres en charge de l’enseignement supérieur en Allemagne, en France, en Italie et au Royaume-Uni. Paris, en Sorbonne, le 25 mai 1998

1998.05.02 M. Allègre souhaite créer une norme européene pour les diplômes universitaires. [An article from Le Monde, 24/05/1998]

1998.05.03 A la Sorbonne, l’appel de quatre pays en faveur d’une Université Européenne [An article from Le Monde, 26/05/1998] – Posted 20/10/2017

1998.05.04 Vers une Université Européenne – Programme [The “Sorbonne booklet” with the agenda and some other details.] – Posted 20/10/2017

1998.05.05 Vers une Université Européenne – Invitation [The official invitation to the Sorbonne conference.] – Posted 20/10/2017

1998.12.01 Invitation letter of the Italian Minister Ortensio Zecchino to the ministers invited to the Bologna Conference (22 December 1998).

1999.05.01 (Second) Invitation letter of the Italian Minister Ortensio Zecchino to the ministers invited to the Bologna Conference (7 May 1999).

1999.05.02 Discours de Claude Allègre au 40e anniversaire de la conférence des recteurs européens (20 et 21 mai 1999, Bordeaux).

1999.05.03 Speech by Claude Allègre at the 51st bi-annual conference and the 40th anniversary of the European Rectors’ Conference (Bordeaux, 20 and 21 May 1999).

1999.06.01 The European Higher Education Area. [A copy of the original draft declaration which was discussed and slightly amended by ministers in Bologna before the final adoption.] – Posted 10/04/2017

1999.06.02 The European Higher Education Area. June 18-19, 1999. Bologna, Italy. [The Bologna Conference booklet with the agenda and other details.] – Posted 10/04/2017

1999.06.03 Lo Spazio Europeo Dell’Istruzione Superiore. [A copy of the Italian version of the Bologna Declaration distributed on 19 June 1999]. – Posted 10/04/2017

1999.06.04 Bologna Students Joint Declaration. [A copy of the original document distributed by ESIB at the Bologna conference, 19 June 1999]. – Posted 10/04/2017

1999.06.05 Project Report Trends in Learning Structures in Higher Education. 7 June 1999. [The so-called “Trends 1 Report”] – Posted 10/04/2017

1999.06.06 Trends and issues in learning structures in Higher education in Europe: Executive Summary [Guy Haug’s introduction to the “Trends 1 Report” at the Bologna Conference, 18 June 1999].

1999.06.07 Speech by Prof Fabio Roversi Monaco [at the Bologna Conference, 18 June 1999].

1999.06.08 Joint statement by the NARIC and ENIC networks (Vilnius, 14-15 June 1999) [delivered at the Bologna Conference, 18 June 1999].

1999.06.09 Pavia Declaration (The Coimbra Group General Assembly, Pavia, 4 June 1999).

1999.06.10 Towards an European Area for Higher Education [a preserved (printed on paper) website with information about EHEA from times when the Internet was still in its infancy].

1999.06.11 Information concerning the University of Tetova by Prof Fadil Sulejmani, Rector [delivered at the Bologna Conference, 18 June 1999].

1999.12.01 Visions of a European future: Bologna and beyond. Keynote address by Dr Guy Haug to the European Association for International Education (EAIE) Conference, Maastricht, December 1999.

2001.02.01 The Bologna Process Seminar on Bachelor-level Degrees Helsinki, Finland February 16-17, 2001. Conclusions and Recommendations of the Seminar to the Prague Higher Education Summit. – Posted 20/10/2017

2001.02.02 [The Bologna Process Seminar:] Towards Accreditation Schemes for Higher Education in Europe? CRE project, July 2000 – May 2001 co-funded by SOCRATES programme Validation seminar, 8-9 February 2001 Universidade Técnica de Lisboa, Oeiras. – Posted 20/10/2017

2001.03.01 [The Bologna Process Seminar, Malmö, 30-31 Mar, 2001:] Transnational Education Project. Report and Recommendations [by the General Rapporteur] Stephen Adam, University of Westminster. Confederation of European Union Rectors’ Conferences, March 2001. – Posted 20/10/2017

2001.05.03 Message from the Salamanca Convention of European higher education institutions. Shaping the European Higher Education Area. 29-30 March 2001. – Posted 10/04/2017

2002.05.02 Lourtie, Pedro. 2001. Furthering the Bologna Process. Report to the Ministers of Education of the signatory countries. Prague, May 2001. – Posted 10/04/2017

2003.09.02 Zgaga, Pavel. 2003. Bologna Process between Prague and Berlin. Report to the Ministers of Education of the signatory countries. Berlin, September 2003. – Posted 10/04/2017

2005.05.01 From Berlin to Bergen. General Report of the Bologna Follow-up Group to the Conference of European Ministers Responsible for Higher Education; Bergen, 19-20 May 2005. Oslo, 3 May 2005. – Posted 01/02/2018

2018.01.01 Per Nyborg: The main objectives of the Bologna Process. Oslo, January 2018. – Posted 01/02/2018