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Advancing Educational Inclusion and Quality in South-east Europe

2007 - 2010

The project Advancing Educational Inclusion and Quality in South East Europe is a international research project supported by Open Society Institute Education Support Programme. The project will take three years, divided into two phases of approximately 18 months each. It correspondes to the decision of OSI-related representatives of 10 SEE countries (Albania , Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Romania and Serbia) who identified the following common priorities that should be addressed by OSI in the region:

  • Inequity in education, more precisely the gap between existing policies and their implementation, and the neglect of various forms of discrimination (e.g., in relation to minorities, special needs etc.);
  • Insufficient participation by stakeholders - particularly students and parents - in education systems, and poor quality of education.

To address those concerns, this project aims (1) to better understand the causes of disparities in education quality and equity, by carrying out national surveys of school directors; and (2) and to support sustainable initiatives on local, national and regional level to improve quality and inclusion.

Project products:

2009 – Pop, D., Powell, S., Miljevic, G., Crighton, J.
South East Europe Cross-Countries Survey of Principals' Views
2009 – Miljevic, G. (ed.)
South East Europe Countries Experiences and Accounts of Principls' Views
2009 – Doorbin, Y., Miljevic, G., Pop, D.
Parental Involvement in South East European Schools.
Principals' Views

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