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Enhancing the Student Contribution to the Bologna Process

2008 - 2010

In the past few years, important steps have been made forward to the recognition of students as a key actor in higher education reform. As members of commissions on national reform such as the Bologna Follow-Up Group or quality assurance mechanisms, or also as members of governing boards of higher education institutions, they have proven to be an important factor in implementing real reforms on all levels. By integrating the student voice, the reforms have gained momentum, and increased in quality, as feedback from the classroom has increased.

Our project aims at using this good experience, and building it towards the future. The project is co-financed with help from the European Commission's Lifelong Learning Programme.

Concretely, the project aims to:

  • give an accurate assessment of the state of implementation of Bologna Process reforms as expounded in the London Communique, in all EU member states, as well as nearly all Bologna signatories, as felt by students.
  • allow the student movement to develop a common strategy towards the reform priorities outlined by the Louvain ministerial communique’ set to be issued in 2009
  • train student representatives so as to give them the capacity to actively contribute towards the implementation of reforms at a national level
  • produce a comprehensive picture of the effect the Bologna Process has had on Higher Education systems, students and society since its inception. This analysis will be done from objective (what has changed?) and subjective (have systems changed for the better for students?) perspectives

Enhancing the Student Contribution to the Bologna Process (ESBI)
Projektna skupina na CEPSu: dr. Pavel Zgaga (vodja), Igor Repac
Program: EU, LLP, Erasmus
Obdobje projekta: oktober 2008 – september 2010
Šifra projekta: 2008-3324/001-001

    Main Results:

    Bologna With Student Eyes 2009

    Bologna At The Finish Line

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