Centre for Educational Policy Studies
University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Education

Towards a Central Asian Higher Education Area: Tuning Structures and Building Quality Culture

2012 - 2015

TuCAHEA's broad aim is to contribute to building a Central Asian Higher Education Area [CAHEA], aligned with the European Higher Education Area [EHEA], able to take into account and valorise the specific needs and potentials of the Region and of the partner countries, thus responding to the needs of the higher education community and society at large.

TuCAHEA's full title is "Towards a Central Asian Higher Education Area: Tuning Structures and Building Quality Culture". It is a Tempus Structural Measures project which will run from 15 October 2012 to 14 October 2015. There are 47 partners, including 8 European Union Universities, 34 Central Asian Universities, and the Ministries of Education of the five partner countries (Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.

Building on the Tuning methodology developed worldwide by academics in collaboration with students, graduates, administrators, employers and ministries. TuCAHEA aims to extend the use of competence-based quality tools for planning and delivery of degree programmes, enhance regional higher education systems, create a platform for sharing knowledge and elaborating quality tools across the region and in each country. It encourages legislation to create regional cohesion in alignment with the EHEA; it will establish pilot Tuning Subject Area Groups able to formulate Guidelines and Reference Points for key disciplinary and thematic sectors; it trains ministerial, academic and independent experts in the use of competence-based tools, it fosters student mobility within and outside the region and tests and perfects the quality and recognition tools necessary for mobility; it establishes information / dissemination centres in both capitals and other areas of the partner countries.

The principal outcomes will be to extend knowledge of the worldwide Tuning process, involving the Central Asian area directly in Tuning's broad international context; to enhance knowledge of existing quality and recognition tools as a basis for further elaboration; to carry out consultations on both generic and subject specific competences, to produce a number of Tuning Subject Area reports; to produce competence/learning-outcomes-based descriptions of degree programmes using the Degree Profile template developed by Tuning and the ENIC-NARIC Network, and more generally to creating a basis for a Central Asian Higher Education Area, developing premises for a Central Asian Qualifications Framework and Credit System.


Towards a Central Asian Higher Education Area: Tuning Structures and Building Quality Culture (TuCAHEA)
Programme: EU, Tempus
Period: 15.10.2012-14.10.2015
Main coordinator: University of Groningen, Nizozemska
Project code: 530786-TEMPUS-1-2012-NL-TEMPUS-SMHES

CEPS' representative in the project: dr. Pavel Zgaga

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