Centre for Educational Policy Studies
University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Education

How should Europe handle the globalisation? An educational perspective


Project in cooperation with FEPS (Foundation of European Progressive Studies) in Tankesmedjan, Sweden. Skills and human capital are of great importance for prosperity and social cohesion. All over the world, policy-makers have realised this and invest heavily in education to boost their competitiveness. This poses a number of questions for us as Europeans.

- How is Europe performing?
- What needs to be done to improve our human capital?
- How should we make sure that investments in education improve social cohesion?

This has been the starting point for a project on Education and Skills that is being organized by FEPS with the support of Arbetarrörelsens Tankesmedja.

We have been gathering information on different educational systems, both within and outside Europe. Meeting scholars, politicians, businessmen and representatives from different organizations have been valuable in the quest to understand where Europe stands and what needs to be done.

One major part of project is that we have assigned six scholars from different parts of Europe to write a about education:

- Pre-School, Juana Maria Sancho y Fernando Hernández, Spain,
- Compulsory Education, Giorgio Allulli, Italy
- Upper Secondary Education and Vocational Training (Annex), Volker Köditz and Rainer Peek, Germany
- Higher Education, Pavel Zgaga, Slovenia
- Research and Development, Lars Geschwind, Sweden
- Life Long Learning, Ari Antikainen, Finland

All reports will be presented in the home country of their authors except for the reports on R&D and Life Long Learning, which will be presented in France and Great Britain, respectively. The conclusions in these reports are the authors’ own.

At the beginning of December a comprehensive report of the entire educational system will be presented.

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