Centre for Educational Policy Studies
University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Education

The 50th anniversary of the Coleman's report

We invite you to the second School Field Seminar in this academic year. This time we want to mark the anniversary, which in the context of educational research and development of educational systems can’t be ignored: The 50th anniversary of the so-called Coleman's report. It is about a study (1966), whose primary purpose was to assess, in the context of the US, the problem of equal educational opportunities for children of different races, colors, religions and nationalities. The study strongly influenced educational research worldwide; its importance until today has not decreased, but only increased.

This anniversary was marked by the summer issue of the CEPS Journal, which is published by our Faculty and in which authors from Slovenia and abroad are dealing with individual aspects of the Coleman’s report. For an introduction to our today's meeting, we invited the authors a of one of the papers, Dr. Marjan Šimenc from the University of Ljubljana, and Dr. Mojca Štraus from the Institute of Education in Ljubljana. We also invited the others authors who will participate according to their possibilities. You can find on our website the complete issue (CEPS Journal, 2016/2) with all articles in open access, which can serve as preparation for the discussion after the introductory lecture.